Have you heard ever of “computer syndrome”? It is a disorder that affects people who spend long hours in front of the PC, either working, studying, playing or doing any other activity. Many doctors warn about this problem, including are proven to maintain this position for five consecutive years bring very serious consequences for our health. Learn a little more about this in the next article.

What to know about the “Computer Syndrome”?

Those who do not come off your PC for hours and are in the same position from Monday to Friday from 9-18, eleven months a year, may suffer chronic diseases that are not always so easily cured. Syndrome computer or computer is the set of symptoms, aches or pains that characterize a person who works or studies with prolonged PC and indiscriminately.

Among the most common symptoms are: back pain, ocular dryness, palm or wrist tendinitis, vision problems, contractures, obesity, fluid retention and neck pain. It is proven that office workers are more prone to these problems and injuries can cause severe disorders like okra health benefits

Spending more than six hours daily in front of the PC is not good for health. However, more and more jobs this is the frequent and employees are not only screen in front, but in uncomfortable desks, unable to movelegs , stretch, or perform any minimum movement.

The most prone areas are the back, eyes, neck, hands and spine. It is necessary that you take breaks, you get up from the seat, walk a little, close your eyes, you use refreshing drops, the most important care.

Pain in back and spine with the use of PC

If you work at your computer and your chair is not ergonomic posture that will keep the whole day will be incorrect. This eventually will cause some changes in your spine. Low or small desktop monitors below the eye line and little desk space cause problems on the back and spine. This causes muscle tension (http://mirenadetox.com/mirena-side-effects/), backaches and headaches in the front of the head as well as a stand “bent” or “curved” forward it stays in other activities.


To avoid this problem it is advisable:

  • Use an adjustable chair whose back is high enough to cover the entire back
  • Change position every fifteen minutes
  • To stretch every hour or two and relax by breathing techniques
  • Place the monitor at eye level
  • Investing in an ergonomic chair that suits body movements
  • Keep your spine straight, relaxed head and shoulders straight
  • Get away from the PC by frequent intervals
  • Move systematically monitor view
  • Standing and exercise as rotating the torso or rotate the neck
  • Move your ankles in circles
  • Adapt the furniture according to body postures and care, opting for healthier for our bodies.

Aches and pains in the eyes for PC

The effects of being at the computer for long hours are:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Dry or irritated eyes
  • Sensitivity to light, eye pain or irritability
  • Eyestrain
  • Spasms in the focusing system
  • Visual defects and decreased ability of sight (experts indicate that, while not generating myopia or astigmatism, helps trigger them).

Burning eyes

The recommendations to avoid these problems are:

  • Use artificial tears every hour to prevent eye dryness
  • Blinking more than usual to moisturize the eyes
  • Place the monitor perpendicular to light or windows
  • Avoid the reflection by light or other object
  • Close your eyes to rest one minute per hour
  • Gaze at a distant object (as can be looking out the window of the building opposite)
  • Respect the distance between the face and the monitor, between 40 and 70 cm
  • Use anti reflexes to block radiation from the screen and reduce eyestrain filters.
  • Reduce the intensity of light and brightness of the monitor.

Aches and pains in wrists and hands for computer use

The intensive use of the mouse can cause tendinitis in the wrist and pain in the joint of the fingers. They also increase the chances of developing thesyndrome carpal tunnel , ie an inflammation of the nerves in the wrist due to incorrect movements. Due to this disorder, are presented: pain, burning, numbness, discomfort, numbness in the palm of the hand, wrist or fingers.


Recommendations to prevent this from becoming a problem are:

  • Remove hands from the keyboard or the mouse to relax them and stretch muscles, preventing numbness
  • Use the mouse pad that allows resting the wrist
  • Choosing an ergonomic mouse model to fit the shape of the hand
  • The mouse always at the elbow
  • Having an ergonomic keyboard that allows resting your wrists and avoid pain by typing and writing with his hands on the keyboard, in order to extend your wrists.

Aches and pains in the legs by using the PC

Being at the computer many hours during the day promotes a sedentary lifestyle and therefore, certain ailments and complications such as fluid retention and obesity. In turn, there is more risk of blood clots in veins andvaricose veins in the legs, two very related to lack of exercise and lower limb movement disorders. No stretch your legs during working hours is a big problem. Venous insufficiency is also common.


Tips to prevent this from happening:

  • Stay with legs stretched as possible
  • Change positions every time
  • Tighten hard fingers of feet and lift them
  • Raise your heels and toes support
  • Perform push up and down the foot
  • Contract the muscles of the buttocks, legs and thighs
  • Do not cross your legs
  • Leaving your seat every hour and walk for two minutes.

Adds a cooling rack with a ball bearing fan 92mm

  • Ball double ball 92 mm fan
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This PC fan with two ball bearings of 9.2 cm x 9.2 cm x 2.5 cm is an additional chiller designed to fit into most computers. PC fan may be used for the circulation of fresh air in the housing or discharge of the hot air, thus preventing the problems caused by overheating. A silent without broom ball bearing DC motor associated with a high efficiency blade design is capable of moving 1.10 m3 / min of air. Power is supplied to the fan by a standard LP4 (hard drive power connector) via an outlet.
StarTech.com Advantage
  • A design with two ball bearings guarantees reliability and lifetime
  • Backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support
  • Replace a noisy or defective cooling fan
  • Install it in a computer to increase air circulation and cooling
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* The appearance and specification of the product may change without prior notice

The laptop has a versatile design with high technology including five cameras

In order to apply the technology to the development of the judicial system, the presiding judge of the Judicial Branch of the State, Rutilius Chains Escandon, the recent acquisition of mobile equipment for the Courts and potenzmittel kamagra oral jelly und hard on oral jelly will be provided.

The equipment consists of a portable and versatile technology that includes five cameras, one of which will serve for the presentation of evidence that are integrated into the general recording of the trial design, as well as four desktop microphones for each of the actors the trial.

This mobile computer has the ability to store more than 500 hours of video and through its software may schedule recording dates, make labels for each actor involved in the trial record to several people involved in the process, as witnesses, prosecutors, experts, judges, forensic doctors, among others.

Another remarkable characteristic of this team is that thanks to the versatility of its software platform allows to adapt the system to record real-time monitoring through wireless connectivity.

Rutile Escandon said this acquisition will help facilitate the work within the oral trial also represents the first technological model in the country that will contribute to the problem of terrain in Chiapas.

“We are working and I am pleased with all the achievements in the state, we continue the task of further strengthening this new model of Chiapas justice for all,” he concluded.

The Undersecretary for Modernization of the State, the province of Buenos Aires, joined the E-Waste project developed by the School of Computing at the National University of La Plata (UNLP). Through this initiative electronic waste is harvested, refurbishes and donates them to institutions in need.

To address the growing problem of computer science or technology stainless steel trash cans, the Province of Buenos Aires with the National University of La Plata (UNLP) campaign to increase recycling waste or else give you a proper final treatment to reduce the impact on the environment should not be dismissed as the specialists advise.

Electronic Waste
Electronic Waste

With two concurrent programs this alliance allows dealing responsibly “technological junk” in the party of La Plata. The first one, teams disused municipal offices are referred to prison for scrapping by the prisoner. “The municipality has an agreement for more than a year ago, with the provincial Ministry of Justice and Security which computer waste from the municipality prisons are unarmed,” explained Sergio Federovisky, head of that agency.

With the waste generated by the provincial government, the Undersecretary for Modernization of the State of Buenos Aires joined the E-Waste project developed by the School of Computing at the National University of La Plata (UNLP) in a shed Tolosa.

Through this initiative electronic waste is harvested, refurbishes and donates them to institutions in need. Also the plan is based on three key objectives: to raise awareness about the risk associated with lack of treatment of such wastes; promote reuse; providing access to technology for disadvantaged sectors of society, and finally, generate strategic alliances with companies that minimize ecological impact.

  • 1 million computers are thrown away each year in the country.
  • In Argentina more than one million computers and nearly ten million cell phones are discarded annually, according to various official studies.
  • The degree of contamination of this waste has become one of the most important environmental problems in the technology industry and governments worldwide.
  • In general, most people eliminate e-waste as waste more, regardless of the devices contain highly harmful to health such as lead, arsenic and nickel toxic materials.
  • While nationally there is not yet a law for the safe handling of electronic waste, various provinces and NGOs develop policies that seek to provide solutions to a problem that is growing.

The proposal has over forty volunteers, students and faculty of the academic unit, and works with a trade school and youth cooperatives. Meanwhile, the provincial government Sedio the physical location for the recycling and reuse of waste. It is located in a warehouse of 250 square meters Toulouse. It also provides adequate logistics to transport donated equipment and conduct awareness campaigns about it.

Electronics contain highly harmful to health such as lead, arsenic and nickel and therefore should not be discarded as waste more toxic materials.

For this reason, the province of Buenos Aires have regulations, passed by the Senate in November 2011, which regulates the collection and safe disposal of e-waste that must be approved by the Provincial Agency for companies Sustainable Development (OPDS).

“Since the provincial government youth were invited to work as champions of the environmental issue.So we face together with the School of Computing at the National University of La Plata join the project E-Waste and enable the expansion of workshops for students to recycle computers. We aim to raise awareness among people about the responsible use of technology and the possibility of repair and reuse for social purposes “explained Roberto Reale, provincial secretary for the Modernization of the State.

Since its inception in May 2009, E-waste received 3,125 cabinets, monitors 758 and 494 printers. He also donated more than 200 computers include CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mouses, speakers, CD drives, among others. All refurbished computers come with a free software developed by the faculty itself, emphasizing the social nature of the initiative and contribute to environmental care alternatives generates digital inclusion.

Those institutions or social organizations that are interested in receiving reconditioned and ready to use computer equipment, must complete a form on the page http://e-basura.linti.unlp.edu.ar and a member of E-Waste will communicate them.

To coordinate the delivery of materials should send a mail to: e-basura@linti.unlp.edu.ar or by calling 0221 to 156,159,212.

If you want to simulate what would be your home after a comprehensive reform, or display various furniture and designs for your new kitchen or bathroom, here we suggest several free software programs that certainly will help you decide the amendment or amendments to your household.
Moreover, most programs that we recommend have a choice of online use, no installation, and allow end users to export images designs, and even share with friends via social networks.

Sweet Home 3D

Aimed at both individuals and professionals, allows you to design their interior quickly. It is available in several languages, among them Spanish, and has versions for Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Your license is GNU – GPL, free, though a voluntary donation thank creators. Lets use it online or download it for installation on your computer. It has a fairly comprehensive user guide that facilitates learning.

It can be downloaded at: http://www.sweethome3d.com/es

Google SketchUp

Free design program developed by Google that stands out for its simplicity of use. No experience is necessary in CAD. There is also a paid version for professional use. Enabling 2D and 3D models and has an extensive online database. It has a great community that provides support, forums, resources, tutorials, etc …

It can be downloaded at: http://www.sketchup.com/intl/es/download

Envisionner express

Tool to easily create 3D interior designs using a wide variety of items that can be positioned at the desired locations. Allows the option to take a virtual walk through the design made by offering incredible realism. Available for Windows and MacOSX.

It can be downloaded in: http://www.envisioneerexpress.com . Prior registration is required.

Autodesk Homestyler

Applying online interior design. Allows you to design floor plans with all the finishing details such as doors, windows and furniture. It has a number of good reviews, and users who have used it to visualize their home renovation projects. There are over 40,000 different combinations of elements including products, colors, finishes and sizes. It is available in Spanish and sharing designs through social networks.

To access: http://es.homestyler.com

Ikea Home planner

Free application for organizing your kitchen and preview the layout of the various elements in detail. Adds furniture and appliances IKEA catalog, and once designed your kitchen, makes buy my house by copying the project to the server. It is compatible with Windows and MacOSX.

Para acceder: http://www.ikea.com/ms/es_ES/rooms_ideas/splashplanners.html

– See more at: http://www.reformasardin.com/programas-gratuitos-para-diseno-de-interiores-3d/#sthash.y4WpQpxE.dpuf


  • 1. Download adblock

    Step 1Open your favorite browser and enter the website ‘Rmediaa’ .Whatever browser you use, the website will detect this and automatically gives you the option to relieve the water right length for that particular browser.

  • 2You can have it on multiple browsers

    If you usually use several different browsers on your computer, download the extension in each of them. It will not take much time, and so you’ll be protected from invasive advertising whatever the browser programs you use.

  • 3More information?

    If you want more information, visit the section’Browsers’ section’Internet and computers’ .There you can find useful practicogramas like these:- ‘How does Microsoft Internet Explorer 8′.

    – ‘How to Clear Browsing History in Safari’.

    – ‘How to take advantage of Firefox 9′ .


Which part of the computer is housed my IP? If I wanted to change what should I do?

The FAQ change address of the computer has

  • A Response
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It belongs to the category:

  • Systems
Which part of the computer is housed my IP?
If I wanted to change what should I do?


Miguel Angel Alvarez Response
On your computer you can have one or change of address . A typical case would be, first, the IP of your local network and the other, the IP with which you connect to the Internet. If you have no local network, most likely have only one IP Internet. If you have a router to connect to the Internet via a local network, it is more likely that your computer only has the local IP network.

Either IPs might change from the control panel, in the section on “Network Connections”, selecting properties you want to change the connection properties and then “TCP / IP”. But keep in mind that changing a configuration of TCP / IP you can make your ordered is no longer connected to the local network or the Internet.
What is the change you want? I understand that you want to change the IP Internet connection.
This IP can be of two types, static or dynamic. If static means that you’ll always be connected to the internet with the same IP. Then you should talk to your Internet service provider so you change the IP, but possibly that they do what you can manage easily without changing the contract for Internet access.
Typically, however, and at least in Spain, is that your IP is dynamic. That means that every time you connect to the Internet and your computer asks you to assign an IP connection to the Internet. So, to change the IP you would simply disconnect from the Internet and re-connect. Maybe you have a router, then you can turn it off and then turn it on again to manage the Internet connection and assigned an IP.
The IPs the server automatically assigns an Internet connection, so you can not do much for you choose it. There is even the possibility you connect to the Internet again and again to give you the same IP address you had before.

Do you know how to choose the best laptop for graphic design or photo editing professionally? With so many options and prices in the market, we know it can be difficult.The best laptops for graphic design are not portable laptops that you find in any store. A graphic designer needs to have the best of the best.


Best laptop for graphic design

If you want the best laptop for graphic design or design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, etc. You’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you what are the best laptops for professional graphic design, so you have everything you need for photography, photo editing and graphic design.

Want to find the best laptop for you? Do not miss our article: Best laptop of 2014

best portable fireworks graphic design photoshop ebay amazon

Best laptop for graphic design: Apple Macbook Pro

The laptop Apple MacBook Pro was chosen as the best laptop for graphic design because it has an excellent processor model Intel Core which is very fast in any application environment. In addition, this laptop is equipped with 4GB of RAM (supports up to 8GB) and has a 500 GB hard drive.

We really like your battery can run up to 7 hours on a single charge, making it an excellent choice if you want to take this laptop everywhere you go.

macbook pro laptop for photoshop best buy by cheap internet

We recommend the MacBook Pro as the best laptop for graphic design

View the price of this laptop at: Amazon | eBay

This laptop is also excellent for fun and games, and a graphics card that integrates high end is just great. Pricewise, you can say it’s a little more expensive than others (plus it’s Apple), but we can say that really worth the investment.

Get cheap laptop graphic design with our article: Cheapest Computers

Best laptop for graphic design # 2: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p

One of the best laptops for graphic design is definitely the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p. What’s so special? With this laptop you get superior performance and also get an entertainment laptop that can be used for gaming, graphic design, watching movies, surfing the Internet or anything you can think of to an impressive speed without delay .

This laptop carries an Intel Core i7 processor, comes with 8GB of memory pre-installed system and comes with Windows 8. These features guarantee you have an excellent performance, even when running heavy programs like Adobe PhotoShop, Flash, Dreamweaver or Fireworks ( You can open several of these programs at the same time and not have complications).

best laptop lenovo ideapad graphic design photoshop dreamweaver adobe fireworks

We loved the Lenovo IdeaPad laptop as an excellent graphic design at a much more affordable price than the Macbook Pro

View this laptop at: Amazon | eBay

In addition, this laptop comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB graphics card, which is more than enough for all types of designs, but you can also add a second for additional configuration if necessary. There is also a built-in 720p (high definition) so you can chat with family and friends while working on your graphic designs webcam.

Best laptop for graphic design # 3 – ASUS G750JW-DB71

The next category of laptop best laptop for graphic design is undoubtedly the ASUS G750JW-DB71.  This is more than a laptop of choice for many graphic design students, but also for players.

In fact, it is usually named as one of the best laptops for gaming because it integrates an excellent combination of hardware capable of running the latest games at high resolutions and quality settings, which is useful for graphic design work.

This Asus laptop is a great choice for any graphic designer. In fact, it is one of the laptops that can be used for any type of work and will not let evil. It was designed to run at full speed modern games, so almost anything run smoothly.

ASUS G750JW-DB71 best computer graphic design web design online students

The ASUS G750JW-DB71 surprised us in the way it handles graphics programs smoothly

View this laptop at: Amazon | eBay

What makes this laptop one of the best laptops for graphic design is that it includes a 2.4GHz Intel i7 4700HQ, 12 GB DDR3 RAM memory installed and a large 17.3-inch screen. We know that the screen size is important for a designer, so it’s a great advantage over other laptops.

As if that were not enough, this laptop has an Nvidia GTX765M 2GB GDDR5 graphics card that is preferred by many experienced players for its quality graphics and excellent performance. It also comes installed with Windows 8. When we tested this laptop in our study, we were impressed with the way he can run Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator at the same time without any delay.

Best laptop for graphic design: How to choose it

If you are a beginner or you are not a professional graphic designer, the best laptop for graphic design for your needs can be a simple laptop with a good RAM capacity.

The least recommended RAM for a basic computer for graphic design is 4GB. Much more RAM you have, the more programs you can run at once and your computer will run better.

If you are a graphic design student or professional graphic designer, the least you should have in your laptop is 6GB of RAM. This will ensure that design programs run smoothly and not get frustrated waiting for your computer to respond.

We also recommend a laptop with at least 500 GB of hard drive space so you can have enough space for your Web Design Services. Optionally, you can get an external hard drive to store your projects and designs.

The most important thing when buying a laptop for graphic design is the amount of RAM

Best gaming laptop vs. Best laptop for graphic design

Some design students also say the best laptop for graphic design is the best gaming laptop.While this may be true in some cases, we have found that Apple computers do not necessarily qualify as gaming laptops, but are great for graphic design.

Apart from the RAM memory, a laptop for graphic design does not need a video card rather expensive as it would need a gaming computer. That said, we can assume that a gaming laptop will serve very well as a very good computer for graphic design, as it exceeds the minimum requirements, but the cost will be higher.

If you want to know more about us which is the best laptop for graphic design or if you are a student of graphic design and want to know which is the best laptop, leave us a comment at the bottom and we’ll help you find it. Also if you have a computer or a computer that you use for your graphic design tasks, let us make and model and study in order to add it to our list.

jeIT was the site of the Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics Association of Businesses and commissioned by the objective is to gather all the information link that you can be of interest in relation to information technology. This site is sponsored by kinguni.

Here you can find on the subject in secondary and higher education, further education and scholarship opportunities, blogs, forums, job opportunities, IT organizations, and foundations.

Go around the different sectors of the profession and asks students about their experiences in higher education, successful IT entrepreneurs about what their secret is.

Because of the labor shortage in the market basically successful business, the site is designed to go around and inform about why the popular infokommunkáció why you should learn more in this direction, the possibilities and what career potential.


Sign IVSZ eSports competition of drawing!

What do you think of the information technology used by athletes during sports?

Connection sport where you meet informatics?

Send us your drawing or comics!

The best drawings will be rewarded with valuable prizes.

Born in IT or if …

  • First thing in the morning. Switch on the computer
    or in the evening you turn off either.
  • Do you think the 1024 is a nice round number.
  • You’re a genius (it’s okay if you’re wrong).
  • ‘re Thinking, where would you go
    to learn more.
  • Members of the society Web2
    hold up.
  • The hearing word pixels rádtör
  • Do you enjoy that no one can
    understand what your deal is.

Not the right place if …

There has gold in our computers and especially heart processor at 0.2 grams per computer. Gold is used in the computer and electronics industry to make computers because it is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. More gold is unalterable and steel.

In 2003 it was calculated that 318 tons of gold were spent on the computer industry.

So, gold is at the connectors that are on motherboards for example. Since each processor is connected to its feet with golden son very thin. However, it is in very small quantities, it takes thousands of pc for a gold bullion 1kg.

But in times of crisis it seems more effective to break his computer to retrieve the little gold that is. Companies that are specialized and to recover the precious metal content in computers. China is particularly computers are taken when they no longer work. In order to extract only a few grams of metal, men are used to process electronic waste, which poses serious ethical problems both in terms of pollution to human lives.

Thus, the extraction requires chemicals that can be dangerous, so it is best not to try it at home, especially since the game does not bring much recovered.

There is even sometimes it is gold plated . Thus, the copper is coated with a thin layer of gold to limit oxidation. With technological developments such techniques are becoming more widespread and the use of solid gold in IRA the PC becomes increasingly rare.

So when you want to recycle your computer to recover gold better think twice!


In a previous article we mentioned that Facebook is the social network with more registered users. Additionally allows you to create a direct relationship with them and publicize your product or service. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful online channels for contact with your potential customers.

If you are a SME, a standalone or an entrepreneurial ry’re thinking of going on holiday this summer or this time of year your work is multiplied and have no time for anything else, you’ll be pleased to know that Facebook posts can be scheduled and also is very easy to do. You can increase in interaction and number of  buy facebook likes cheap while you’re away. ‘s very important not to leave your corporate profile of Facebook because it gives a bad image and also can you throw overboard everything achieved so far.

So grab paper and pencil and then we explain how to schedule your Facebook posts.




Your Facebook posts quick and easy program


1. login is your Facebook fan page. It is important that the profile is a company page and not a personal profile and if you use a personal profile to promote a business can be punished according to the policies of Facebook.


. 2   . publish Write what you want You can program any type of publication: an image, a photo album, a link, etc..


3. Click the button shaped clock, this will give you the option to set your publication. A new menu where you have to specify the year, month, day and time will appear. Once you have it click on “Calendar” and your post will already be scheduled. If you want to know when and how often you have to post on Facebook, go here .



4. If you want to see all your releases scheduled, on top of the Facebook page, click “Edit Page” and then “Use Activity Log.” Here you can be sure that your post is scheduled and see what others have and ready for publication.


If you follow these simple steps you can have your company profile on Facebook a day so you have time for other things. Did you know that your posts can be programmed? , do you think it’s a better than other external tools like Hootsuite option?

-What happens to a garden that is not maintained for years? It eventually, according to Garden edging melbourne, will fallow. Vegetation takes over the old sparse small alleys and flower beds. Nettles prevent you from walking barefoot where you worship picnic with family feet, sitting at the grass itself. Well the idea is the same for computers (less bucolic maybe): the Windows explorer windows that once opened so quickly now put a few seconds to appear, saving a file on disk drive seems endless, etc..

This degradation of performance your computer is not inevitable. Often this is the result of poor maintenance of Windows (or total lack of maintenance by the way). In this chapter, we will look at some simple maintenance actions that will extend the life of your machine. For this, we use built-in Windows tools that monitor system status, or to clean and defragment the hard drive. We define course all these terms.

We also see some techniques to restore an earlier state of the computer (before it undergoes major problems for example). We take the opportunity also to address the BIOS and so learn a little more about how to start the computer.

  • Do a disk cleanup
  • Disk Defragment
  • Points restorations
  • Refresh or reset
  • Creating and using a recovery drive
  • Task Manager
  • Whiteboard Animations

Three reasons why you should get a whiteboard animation immediately for your business:

  1. Whiteboard animation videos convert significantly better than your average run of the mill video. Higher conversions means more customers which means more revenue and ultimately profit. So the first reason is that whiteboard videos increase profitability.


  1. Top Internet Marketers are using whiteboard animations to increase conversions by 64%. That’s right, a study by (Comscore, 2010) found that sites where whiteboard videos were used had users 64% more likely to buy after they had watched a whiteboard animation video and will spend on average two minutes longer on your page, this is definitely a major benefit.


  1. Thirdly videos are now the preferred advertising medium, in fact did you know that by 2017 it’s expected that 70% of all online traffic will be in the form of videos. Videos are the future and one thing is for certain – animated whiteboard videos will never ever go out of style. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of the latest trend and be the first instead of the last?


If so, the best company to contact to get a whiteboard video is http://doodle-videos.com/whiteboard-animation, these guys are the best.

 Comparison of The 6 best professional programs to manage the accounting for small and medium enterprises.

6. Managerial Analyzer

Managerial Analyzer  Allows full economic and financial analysis of a company. Provides detailed graphics Balances, Financial and Profitability among others, and can export or import the files into Excel. From 300 euros. 

Managerial Analyzer

5. Contasol

ContaSol is an effective program that adapts to any business and user thanks to its simple and intuitive interface and advanced features. Allows management of multiple businesses and users, controlling expenses, books, reports, analytics, billing, etc. Another great advantage is that it is completely free.


4.  DivaCon

Divacon is effective to manage the finances of SMEs so easy and intuitive program. It has plenty of features to facilitate your task: linear seating, maturity portfolio, budget, depreciation, tax manager movements, can work with multiple companies, graphics and comprehensive reporting, backup, diagnostic tools, treatments and registry complete fiscal and more. From 159 euros.


Three.  EBP Accounting SME

SME Accounting EBP  Allows management MYOB Bookkeeper by SMEs both expert and novice users. Some of its features include: portfolio management of payments, collections, budgets, calculation of depreciation, tax, cost control, cash flow, financial statements and more.

SME Accounting EBP

2.  OfiPro Accounting

With OfiPro Contabilida d you can manage your business accounts from any Internet-connected device: PC, phone or tablet to access from multiple computers, simply enter the password. Allows managing the accounting, the books, and amortization of fixed assets, treasury, financial results, taxes, etc. It is suitable for both large companies and small businesses to import data and actual data in XML, or FacturaPlus ContaPlus format. From 9,95 euros per month.

OfiPro Accounting

1. SeniorConta

The best software for our comparative SeniorConta is an excellent program for keeping records of any company, allowing complete control (listings of suppliers, customers, invoices, receivables and payables, etc.) so pretty encilla. It also allows managing several companies at once, with multiple users. Give a complete diagnosis and to detect any irregularities in the accounts and report statistics. Another advantage over other programs is that the comparison is totally free.

SeniorConta best free accounting software for businesses

There are many ways to ensure success when earning income through online jobs data entry. It is important to invest in proper equipment, improve typing and accuracy skills, and lastly, keep morale or confidence high.

If you have decided to take jobs online data entry from home, you’re not alone.These days, numerous professionals and employees choose to drop the formal take-home jobs jobs. This is the basic trend of job market these days, and it is not very surprising.

How would you ensure the overall success of your initiative to find and apply for jobs online data entry? Here are some effective guidelines that could help you to achieve and maintain success when taking such online money making initiative.

Investing in the right equipment

Most employers home based would hire candidates who have reliable computer systems. In addition, priority is also provided for those who have a high-speed online media connection. This is particularly important because the word processing and basic typing activities could very well be based on the performance of the computer and Internet connection.

It is impossible for you to get online jobs data entry without these investments. If you ever get the chance to get hired, you could not keep the job for good because you need to be comfortable working in an ideal workplace using reliable and fast computer and accessibility line.

Ramp Up your typing and accuracy skills

It would help if your typing and accuracy skills are well above average. You would probably do better in a position to work at home data entry. If you are unsure of your skill level, make a simple self-test. Be honest to yourself and strive to improve or learn more if you find you still need to improve your current skill level.

In general, you must be a fast typist or encoder. One ideal must have 60 to 65 word per minute rate. You must also be able to type quickly and without errors, either spelling or punctuation. This is a very important skill in applying or securing such jobs.

Maintain the moral high Managing expectations

As mentioned earlier, the data entry jobs online current market is extremely competitive. You must work to stand out from the rest of the online job seekers. It is effective in maintaining the morale and confidence, so you keep trying and could get the determination to continue.

Almost all current home data entry jobs are outsourced to India and other foreign destinations. If you are elsewhere, you might still have a chance to get those jobs being determined and confident about your skills and abilities. Do not get easily disappointed if your initial application is unanswered.

Both tablets and smartphones are devices used by applications to perform an unlimited number of tasks. An application is a computer program that is designed to perform singular or multiple related tasks.Numerous apps can be very useful in dental online marketing practice .It directly downloaded to the devices through the Apple Store or Google Play, depending on the operating system a terminal. Many are free, others are free to download but require an update of payment of the annual subscription for full functionality and some applications must be purchased. Rates may be as variable as € 0.89 to hundreds of dollars.

Below is a list of what we think are the five most useful apps for dentists.

1. Smart Dental Pricelist

Smart Dental Pricelist is a perfect application for dental professionals to communicate the invoice helping patients. Showing the list price while the treatment is to be made without paper and pen, without a calculator, no models, just use your Iphone or Ipad.

2. Lexi-Dental 

Lexi-Dental is the complete implementation of Lexi-Comp is a full library of dental resources, including information about medications and their effects, color pictures of numerous dental procedures, conditions and resources of the patient, information on procedures laboratory and diagnostic manual emergency (dental office), natural product information, a medical dictionary Stedman, and many other resources. The application can be downloaded for free, yes, as a free trial for 30 days. The annual subscription costs $ 285.


3. Dental Patient Education

Dental Patient Education is an application based on patient education with entertainment for dental professionals to effectively communicate dental conditions and treatments to follow their patients.

The Lite version contains all the functionality of anatomical reference tool. Provides 360 degree view of the lower jaw, allowing users peeling layers to reveal muscles, blood vessels, nerves and facial skeletal structures. Users may also view each individual tooth type – with cross sections and top and bottom views. In addition, each fixed structure includes detailed descriptions and audio pronunciations. This section also contains the muscular movement and functioning of the joint.

4. Implant Treatment Guide

This application was developed by Dr. Cem Dergin includes illustrations comprising the steps of implant therapy and treatment options.

The iPad app gives you the facility to explain treatment options to their patients complicated implants. 3D images within this unique atlas is designed with the idea that patients are displayed, instead of the actual intraoral photos.


5. iRomexis

iRomexis is an application that allows viewing of medical images for informational and educational purposes for the patient. This software should not be used for diagnosis.


If some of the applications you use do not appear on this list, feel free to leave a comment and we will consider them for vol. 2.