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  • First thing in the morning. Switch on the computer
    or in the evening you turn off either.
  • Do you think the 1024 is a nice round number.
  • You’re a genius (it’s okay if you’re wrong).
  • ‘re Thinking, where would you go
    to learn more.
  • Members of the society Web2
    hold up.
  • The hearing word pixels rádtör
  • Do you enjoy that no one can
    understand what your deal is.

Not the right place if …

There has gold in our computers and especially heart processor at 0.2 grams per computer. Gold is used in the computer and electronics industry to make computers because it is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. More gold is unalterable and steel.

In 2003 it was calculated that 318 tons of gold were spent on the computer industry.

So, gold is at the connectors that are on motherboards for example. Since each processor is connected to its feet with golden son very thin. However, it is in very small quantities, it takes thousands of pc for a gold bullion 1kg.

But in times of crisis it seems more effective to break his computer to retrieve the little gold that is. Companies that are specialized and to recover the precious metal content in computers. China is particularly computers are taken when they no longer work. In order to extract only a few grams of metal, men are used to process electronic waste, which poses serious ethical problems both in terms of pollution to human lives.

Thus, the extraction requires chemicals that can be dangerous, so it is best not to try it at home, especially since the game does not bring much recovered.

There is even sometimes it is gold plated . Thus, the copper is coated with a thin layer of gold to limit oxidation. With technological developments such techniques are becoming more widespread and the use of solid gold in IRA the PC becomes increasingly rare.

So when you want to recycle your computer to recover gold better think twice!


In a previous article we mentioned that Facebook is the social network with more registered users. Additionally allows you to create a direct relationship with them and publicize your product or service. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful online channels for contact with your potential customers.

If you are a SME, a standalone or an entrepreneurial ry’re thinking of going on holiday this summer or this time of year your work is multiplied and have no time for anything else, you’ll be pleased to know that Facebook posts can be scheduled and also is very easy to do. You can increase in interaction and number of  buy facebook likes cheap while you’re away. ‘s very important not to leave your corporate profile of Facebook because it gives a bad image and also can you throw overboard everything achieved so far.

So grab paper and pencil and then we explain how to schedule your Facebook posts.




Your Facebook posts quick and easy program


1. login is your Facebook fan page. It is important that the profile is a company page and not a personal profile and if you use a personal profile to promote a business can be punished according to the policies of Facebook.


. 2   . publish Write what you want You can program any type of publication: an image, a photo album, a link, etc..


3. Click the button shaped clock, this will give you the option to set your publication. A new menu where you have to specify the year, month, day and time will appear. Once you have it click on “Calendar” and your post will already be scheduled. If you want to know when and how often you have to post on Facebook, go here .



4. If you want to see all your releases scheduled, on top of the Facebook page, click “Edit Page” and then “Use Activity Log.” Here you can be sure that your post is scheduled and see what others have and ready for publication.


If you follow these simple steps you can have your company profile on Facebook a day so you have time for other things. Did you know that your posts can be programmed? , do you think it’s a better than other external tools like Hootsuite option?


These days, a lot of schools have taken advantage of modern technology to provide quality education for their students.  Many schools have in fact taken to using iPads instead of the traditional textbooks. These tablet computers make learning a lot more fun and easier since the students do not need to lug around heavy books to their classes.


But having a 1:1 rollout of iPads or iPad Air’s in circulation means there would always be a couple of them that would be in need of iPad screen repairs, or other damaged repairs. Fortunately there are new companies that have been established who provide iPad repairs for schools.


The iPad is an extremely robust and durable tablet computer developed in California by Apple.  When the iPad is properly protected (outfitted with a screen protector and a protective cover) it can easily survive a bit of trauma like small drops.  But there will always be a occasions when a student will accidentally drop their iPad or iPad Air, get them wet, or crush them.  When an IT administrator finds this type of situation, the schools will be glad to know that there are repair companies who can provide affordable screen repair services to fix them.  This is especially true when there are a large number of iPads that need to get fixed.


Why is it better to have the iPads repaired by a separate repair company?


Many school IT professionals grapple with the decision to use Apple for their iPad Repair needs versus third party companies.  They must consider costs, quality of repairs, and other issues such as speed and warranties provided.


Third party repair companies are typically less expensive than Apple.  However, the quality of the repairs can differ greatly depending on where you get the repair.  Top USA repair companies like RepairZoom are highly recommended and used by many school districts and top universities.  They also offer an excellent warranty on all iPad repair for schools, and also repair iPad cracked screens on the iPad 2, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.


So is it really better to get an iPad repair from a different company other than Apple itself?  Perhaps if you are still under a warranty with Apple that covers accidental damage – with a low or no deductible – the answer would be to stick with Apple.  But more often then not, choosing an excellent third party repair company, such as RepairZoom, would be a better choice.


When it comes to iPad repairs for schools, we suggest doing your homework first.  Shop wisely and to find the most reputable third party repair companies that can handle fast, quality, and bulk iPad repairs.  Make sure their technicians are Apple certified. With the help of professional iPad repair companies, the schools who use iPads as a medium for teaching can be sure their students will not be missing important curriculum or lectures just because their broken iPad quit working on them.

-What happens to a garden that is not maintained for years? It eventually, according to Garden edging melbourne, will fallow. Vegetation takes over the old sparse small alleys and flower beds. Nettles prevent you from walking barefoot where you worship picnic with family feet, sitting at the grass itself. Well the idea is the same for computers (less bucolic maybe): the Windows explorer windows that once opened so quickly now put a few seconds to appear, saving a file on disk drive seems endless, etc..

This degradation of performance your computer is not inevitable. Often this is the result of poor maintenance of Windows (or total lack of maintenance by the way). In this chapter, we will look at some simple maintenance actions that will extend the life of your machine. For this, we use built-in Windows tools that monitor system status, or to clean and defragment the hard drive. We define course all these terms.

We also see some techniques to restore an earlier state of the computer (before it undergoes major problems for example). We take the opportunity also to address the BIOS and so learn a little more about how to start the computer.

  • Do a disk cleanup
  • Disk Defragment
  • Points restorations
  • Refresh or reset
  • Creating and using a recovery drive
  • Task Manager
  • Whiteboard Animations

Three reasons why you should get a whiteboard animation immediately for your business:

  1. Whiteboard animation videos convert significantly better than your average run of the mill video. Higher conversions means more customers which means more revenue and ultimately profit. So the first reason is that whiteboard videos increase profitability.


  1. Top Internet Marketers are using whiteboard animations to increase conversions by 64%. That’s right, a study by (Comscore, 2010) found that sites where whiteboard videos were used had users 64% more likely to buy after they had watched a whiteboard animation video and will spend on average two minutes longer on your page, this is definitely a major benefit.


  1. Thirdly videos are now the preferred advertising medium, in fact did you know that by 2017 it’s expected that 70% of all online traffic will be in the form of videos. Videos are the future and one thing is for certain – animated whiteboard videos will never ever go out of style. Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of the latest trend and be the first instead of the last?


If so, the best company to contact to get a whiteboard video is, these guys are the best.

I am one of those recently, with references, comments and various articles I read, I decided to make a change to Mac and therefore greater investment in my team .

There are mainly say that my job as 50% in the photographic material and 50% on my computer, with which I classify, I edit and prepare pictures for work, but in proportion of time is based step 80% of the time working on the computer and 20% with the camera.

Therefore, it is easy to understand that the computer is an indispensable and important tool for my work. Partly because of that, I decided to take this leap and move to a new OS after leading lifetime in windows, and when I say life is because I started in MS-DOS, Windows 3.11 and thereafter.

What do you notice the early days when changing from Windows to OSX?

The first thing you want to configure your Mac and PC, become part of the new Windows OSX, shortcuts, how to use windows, in general, the way we work. Something that a few weeks you realize that is not possible and when you start to see the differences between OSX and Windows.

My transition part (from what I’ve talked to other people) is quite simple and quick, since entirely left aside and only used Windows OSX. A week was already pretty familiar with Mac and a few months and it is as if he had a lifetime in Mac’s more, now I find it quite uncomfortable to work with windows when I have to make arrangements or install something on my partner’s laptop .

The main advantage I noticed was the stability , very rarely I have been hanging the computer after over 1 year of use, working more than 8 hours straight, leaving the computer on for days … has always worked well, never been me given problems. If a program or browser window giving you problems, it is frozen or waiting, you can continue working with other applications as if nothing happened, and in the worst case, you close the application and keep working. Does not cause any problem to the rest of what you’re doing. If part of a program is blocked, that part is closed and continues to work with the program as usual.

The program start is faster and more intuitive interface and a smoother overall.

Let alone facilities, which took several minutes to Windows and can sometimes seem eternal, Mac is done in seconds. Install an application is nothing more than copying an icon in the applications folder.

Another great simplicities and fitness is the Mac Finder , or what we call in Windows Explorer. Everything is reduced to a minimum, clear folders, nothing of thousands of configuration files and temporary folders everywhere on Mac. The Finder is clear, simple and concise, good for tangle. It is what it took to get used more, (although it may seem silly) how to work with folders and view them.

Shortcuts whether editing, shipping, Finder visuals are simple, fast and functional. Using simple spacebar to view almost any file type is something that I can not unaccustomed.

Everything works, everything works perfect, a few months will take away those fears to save every few minutes if the program given by petar.

Updates fair, not every day we have 10 of everything.

There seems to be virus, very few from what I see and the problems in this area are minimal. I do not use Mac antivirus or firewall or anything.

All that I connect, work first, without installing any mess.

Do not defragment your hard drive every few minutes or perform maintenance.This still works like always install what to install. If doing something is done, period, that’s what I want.

The application design and its interface seems much more care than most Windows.

Mbp trackpad is a fucking blast , both for the size, softness, touch and gesture.

Unibody aluminum body, quality design and impeccable construction. If you compare a notebook of the usual plastic, seems to come from another era. I assure you that when you come to see a portable Apple Store and go to a store with Acer laptops, Asus and the like, it seems you’ve stepped back in time several years.

Are just a few details, but there are many more than just once you realize that you work longer in Mac And sure I miss some important, but which I am so used to not remember.

Would Windows?

If my wallet permits me, I will continue on the Mac is clear that the product price is somewhat higher than mount a tower PC , but now I think it’s worth the investment, especially for work items.

Also I have to say, except that in my profession I need a good team, I would have bought a PC or laptop with windows and I would have spent a third party.

Currently I use an early 2011 mbp 15 “i7, 8 GB ram, 500 GB 7200 rpm, ATI HD 6750 1 GB, matte screen with resolution of 1650 × 1050. It was the billet mbp you could prepare without an SSD I still seem too expensive.

If you want a laptop with a similar potency with Windows you will not be much cheaper than Apple, I’ve been watching you and you save very little in proportion.

Therefore, Better Mac for my work Windows (used by Edinburgh wedding photographer )? Without any doubt, me more confidence, more safety, less crashes, less problems and that is paid.

As negative and important point is that if you have a major problem in Mac touch you send it by courier or take it to an Apple store. When I had problems with my PC, went to a store that had hundreds around me, buy the component that had failed, I changed and ready. Mac is not so simple.

There are many ways to ensure success when earning income through online jobs data entry. It is important to invest in proper equipment, improve typing and accuracy skills, and lastly, keep morale or confidence high.

If you have decided to take jobs online data entry from home, you’re not alone.These days, numerous professionals and employees choose to drop the formal take-home jobs jobs. This is the basic trend of job market these days, and it is not very surprising.

How would you ensure the overall success of your initiative to find and apply for jobs online data entry? Here are some effective guidelines that could help you to achieve and maintain success when taking such online money making initiative.

Investing in the right equipment

Most employers home based would hire candidates who have reliable computer systems. In addition, priority is also provided for those who have a high-speed online media connection. This is particularly important because the word processing and basic typing activities could very well be based on the performance of the computer and Internet connection.

It is impossible for you to get online jobs data entry without these investments. If you ever get the chance to get hired, you could not keep the job for good because you need to be comfortable working in an ideal workplace using reliable and fast computer and accessibility line.

Ramp Up your typing and accuracy skills

It would help if your typing and accuracy skills are well above average. You would probably do better in a position to work at home data entry. If you are unsure of your skill level, make a simple self-test. Be honest to yourself and strive to improve or learn more if you find you still need to improve your current skill level.

In general, you must be a fast typist or encoder. One ideal must have 60 to 65 word per minute rate. You must also be able to type quickly and without errors, either spelling or punctuation. This is a very important skill in applying or securing such jobs.

Maintain the moral high Managing expectations

As mentioned earlier, the data entry jobs online current market is extremely competitive. You must work to stand out from the rest of the online job seekers. It is effective in maintaining the morale and confidence, so you keep trying and could get the determination to continue.

Almost all current home data entry jobs are outsourced to India and other foreign destinations. If you are elsewhere, you might still have a chance to get those jobs being determined and confident about your skills and abilities. Do not get easily disappointed if your initial application is unanswered.